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The Circle of Time is a monument located in front of the Cass County Museum in Walker,
Minnesota. The monument consists of thirteen, beautiful, bronze statues depicting the art,
culture and history of the Leech Lake Area. In the center of the monument is a fascinating
representation of an Early Man, using a siltstone to scrape the hide of a Woolly Monmouth.

The siltstone was discovered by the Leech Lake Heritage & Sites Program of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe and if found to be authentic, it will prove that man existed in the Leech Lake Area as
many as 9,000 - 10,000 years ago. Circumventing around the Early Man are 12 beautiful, bronze
statues, depicting the various stages of history of the Leech Lake Area. They include a
representative of the many bands of aborigine natives that visited Leech Lake at one time, an
Ojibwe Native American, a Missionary, a Fur-Trapper, Lumberman, Fisherman, Homesteader,
Resorter, Educator, Doctor, the Military and finally a family of four.

The monument was created by nationally-renowned sculptor, Joel Randell from Luther, Oklahoma and at the dedication of the monument in August of 2015, in his own words he stated, ''I believe young people, teenagers and beyond, will come here and interact with the statues in the Circle of Time and learn of your very interesting history.'' We sincerely invite you to visit the Circle of Time and of all the beautiful places in the world, we thank you for coming to the Leech Lake Area.


Circle of Time Monument Photo Walker MN
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